Bankruptcy Exemptions: What They Are and Why They Matter

When a bankruptcy case is filed, all of the debtor’s […]

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Secured or Unsecured? Why it Matters

In bankruptcy, not all debt is created equal. How a […]

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What Is Bankruptcy, And Is It Right For You?

Although most people have heard of bankruptcy, many are unaware […]

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Get relief from your financial problems from someone you can trust

Moss Law Office was founded to guide our clients through challenging and uncertain times by providing compassionate, client-focused, and affordable legal services.

Bankruptcy will be a difficult time in someone’s life but we can lead you through that process to come out on the other end with relief from your financial problems.

Chuck moss

Chuck was born & raised in Oklahoma and he attended the University of Oklahoma for his Juris Doctorate. Chuck has practiced law for over 50 years and has assisted countless individuals through a wide variety of legal matters ranging from personal injury, divorce, estate planning, probate, consumer bankruptcy, and more. 

Chuck understands the challenges facing those navigating the legal process and he compassionately assists individuals dealing with the complexity of navigating various cases and specializes in handling consumer bankruptcy chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases.