Don’t leave your hard earned assets to the mercy of the courts. A well drafted and frequently updated estate plan will ensure that you control your wealth even after you have passed. Our office can assist with all phases of estate planning including drafting wills, trusts, durable power of attorney, and advanced directives.

Although it is unpleasant to contemplate the consequences of death, superior planning leads to superior results. Estate planning can help you:

  • Plan for your own needs, including who will make important decisions in the event you are incapacitated
  • Choose how to dispose of your wealth and assets
  • Protect familial wealth
  • Prepare heirs to receive wealth
  • Ensure heirs are not burdened by the expensive and time consuming process of probate

Don’t be fooled, even you don’t need to have accumulated an estate as large as Elvis Presley to benefit from a detailed estate plan. Estate planning is for everyone. Indeed, those of modest means often find the probate process particularly stressful due to its time consuming nature as well as the high cost of court and attorney’s fees.